Lynch Factory, Marsh Road Llanmorlais City_of_Swansea Wales
Cockles have been harvested in Penclawdd since Roman Times. The Burry estuary, which lies between the Gower Peninsula and the County of Camarthenshire has become a well known area for good quality cockles. | Cockle gathering is the only remaining industry left in Penclawdd. Up until the 19th Century Penclawdd was a thriving port with coal, tinplate copper and brass production. With the Industrial Revolution cockle gathering became a lifeline for women whose husbands were to ill to work in the coalmines. One such woman was Sarah Jones, the present owners grandmother. Her husband died of 'dust' from the mines. She worked on the sands with her son Selwyn. He was 7 years old at this time. Little did he know then that he would become one of the most popular men to have gathered and sold cockles. | Selwyn worked hard to help his mother and as he got older he could see potential in selling cockles and decided to go further than Swansea Market. Through time his name was recognised as good quality cockles, through his good reputation his son Brian and daughter-in-law Alyson have built a successful business - Selwyns Penclawdd Seafoods! | Cockles are still gathered in the traditional way, with a hand rake and riddle. However the donkeys have been replaced with tractors and four-wheel drive.
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