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9 High Town Hay-on-Wye Herefordshire England
Ice Cream Parlours: Shepherds at Hay-on-Wye, Shepherds in Hereford- 22 Widemarsh Street, Hereford. Our ice-cream parlours are the best places to discover the delights of Shepherds Ice Cream. In our 16 flavour cabinets the turnover is fast, the ice cream is at its freshest and flavours change from day to day. All year round you will find firm favourites like vanilla, toffee and fudge, choc mint chip, amarena cherry yoghurt, mokka, banana toffee crunch, and chocolate. Changing range of flavours might include: ginger, coconut, amaretti and marsala, coffee and walnut, pistachio, stracciatella, pannacotta, almond praline, rum and raisin, orange and cointreau, cardamom and lavender, blackcurrant cheese cake, rose, liquorice, mango and chilli, chocolate and chilli,chocolate hazelnut. Fruit flavoured ice-creams: strawberry, tayberry, damson, blackcurrant. Summer: blackcurrant with fresh mint, lemon, strawberry, mango and passion fruit, peach, pear, cider apple, orange and cardamom. Autumn and winter: rhubarb crumble, hazelnut, marron glace, Christmas pudding, fig and brandy. Ice-cream is available to eat-in or take-away. Or combine it with whipped cream, fruit, toppings and sauces to make extravagant sundaes, whip it up with milk to make refreshing shakes, or served with hot waffles for delicious desserts. We also sell family sized packs of ice cream and handmade ice cream desserts and cakes to take home. The ice cream cakes are layered with sponge and mixed with whipping cream so that they can be cut straight from the freezer and make an ideal birthday or anniversary cake.We also serve pannini, sandwiches and top-notch coffee made with Fairtrade beans from South Wales roasters, Ferraris. There are home made cakes from Kate Gladwyn and in the winter-months ice-cream maker Alan turns his hand to producing delicious vegetable soups.
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