The Evil Spirit of Llandysilio Church in Llandysilio
Llandysilio Church Llandysilio Powys Wales
If you attend Llandysilio Church these days, watch out for any evil spirits…| Hundreds of years ago, an evil spirit lurked in the church at the village of Llandysilio in Powys, Mid Wales. The spirit was so evil that an expert was sent for to exorcise the spirit from the church. Once the exorcist arrived, it proved a long and hard fight to rid the spirit from inside the church. Every few hours the exorcist would appear from the church for fresh air and a drink. It was at these times that the men waiting outside could see how difficult the fight was, with the perspiration running down the exorcist’s face and his bare arms. After several hours, the exorcist threw the spirit into a bottle and sealed it, much like you would with a large fly. The bottle was then thrown into a deep pool in the River Verniew, where it is said to still be today. | Although the church isn’t troubled today, just don’t venture into the River Verniew—you might just unleash an evil spirit!
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