Rhos on Sea Conwy County Wales
Legend has it that Prince Madoc sailed from Wales in 1170 and discovered America many years before Columbus. In 1170 the ships of two nations rendezvoused in the Irish Sea. Bewitched by a viking tale of a great land beyond the ocean, Madoc, Prince of Snowdon, commanding the Welsh ships with Rhiryd his brother, commanding the Irish fleet, set out into the unknown. Some years later Madoc returned in his ship , the Gwennan Gorn and told of their discovery of a new land. A great fleet set sail with Welsh settlers and was never seen again. <br><br> Did Madoc, Prince of Snowdon, really find America? Just another fairy tale? Perhaps not. <br><br> On the shores of Alabama there stands a stone , "In memory of Prince Madoc" A Welsh explorer who landed on the shore of Mobile Bay in 1170 AD.<br><br> The Welsh legend says Madoc sailed from the Afon Ganol in Penrhyn Bay. However there was no evidence to support this until in the 1950's the new sea wall was being constructed. During the construction work the workmen came across the remains of an ancient and long forgotten Harbour wall.
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