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Whitemere Ellesmere Shropshire England
Founded in 1950, the Club has been based at Whitemere, off the A528 just South of Ellesmere, since the first sailing season in 1951. The mere is owned by the Grosvenor Estate and extends over some 65 acres; together with its surrounding area it has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. From a sailor’s point of view, Whitemere provides beginners and youngsters with safe sailing in attractive surroundings, though the surrounding trees give rise to fluky winds which can test the skill of the most experienced. We are a small, friendly club aiming to accommodate the interests of individual members and of families, of keen racing sailors and of those who just enjoy “messing about in boats”. We do not employ any staff. This means that all members are required to play a part in the maintenance and running of the Club, including sailing and galley duties. Catering and bar facilities are provided on special occasions. Boats: There are many dinghy classes sailed in the U.K. Quite apart from the benefits to be gained from class racing, classes provide the infrastructure, mutual support and interest that holds a sailing club together. At our club, we have a list of preferred classes that includes Flying 15, GP14, Solo, Laser 1, Laser 2000, Lark, Topper, Pico, RS Feva, Mirror and Wayfarer. In our menagerie fleet, we also have Enterprise, Fireball, Laser II, National 12, Optimist, Scorpion and Laser Topaz. Whilst we would prefer that you select a dinghy from these classes, we will accept dinghies with a Portsmouth Yardstick up to and including 982 (Fireball) and with a waterline length less than 16 feet (4.9 metres). If you have something different or even faster then please come and talk to us! We do not have the space and hence do not support multi-hull designs. Training Courses: Level 1 Start Sailing. Rigging, Ropework, Launching and Recovery, Wind awareness, Techniques and Manoeuvres, Tacking, Capsize Recovery. - Level 2 Basic Skills. Rigging, Ropework, Launching and Recovery, Wind awareness, Techniques and Manoeuvres, Tacking, Capsize Recovery, Sailing Theory and Background, Meteorology.
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