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Llandudno Conwy_County Wales
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Llandudno promenade is the jewel in the crown of the seaside resort of Llandudno. The wide promenade, lovingly protected by Llandudno Town Council for generations, stretches from the Victorian Pier at the Great Orme end of the bay through to the Little Orme at Craig y Don. The victorian hotels that line the promenade in a City-of-Bath like crescent are policed to an extreme. In 2009 an hotelier unwittingly painted his hotel in an "inappropriate" colour and the full weight of the local planning rules crashed down on him. The story made the national newspapers with many ridiculing the local authority and its rules. But the council stuck to its guns and ....well the hotelier was made to repaint his hotel in an appropriate colour and the promenade still looks as good as it did in Victorian times.
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