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Ghost Investigation Team in Ammanford
13 Quay Ammanford Carmarthenshire Wales
PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS IN WALES. Ever thought about ghost hunting? Not sure where to go or how to start? Then try this friendly group of Investigators based in South/Mid Wales. THIS SITE APPEARS TO HAVE CLOSED DOWN - I WONDER IF THEY SAW IT COMING. |We will investigate anything at all, pubs, inn's, woods, hotels, museums, houses, mansions, castles, etc. If you think it is possibly haunted let us know. We also investigate private residences, so if you have a problem which is unexplainable and possibly paranormal, then call us, privacy and confidentiality is assured. We are a small group of like minded and honest friends based in Wales, who decided that the investigations we had been on previously with other groups were not quite us, so we decided to create our own investigation team. And that is what we are...a team no one is any better than anyone else, we work together. G.I.T. For short ... Ghost Investigation Team I'm afraid this does typify our sense of humour . We like a laugh the same as anyone else, but take investigations seriously and with respect to our spirit friends, our aim is to make you think twice about the possibilities of life after this one! Do we die and this is it? Or do we exist as spirit in another time and dimension? The team at the moment stands with two Mediums, Three technicians - for all the gadgetry, and three Sensitives who are also team leaders, and scribes. We are experienced in carrying out... Investigations, Seances, Glass Swirling, and Scrying as well as other methods of contacting Spirit. Some of our gadgets include Emf meters, Digital Cameras, Night Vision camcorders, Infra-red Thermometers, Motion Sensors, and the very interesting doorway portal, etc.
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