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Tidenham Chepstow Gloucestershire England
FearFest will be held over a three-week-long period from 16th October to 1st November and is a fully interactive and immersive scare experience featuring live actors, special effects and horrific shocks within numerous horror zones. This purpose-built attraction will be located at the NDAC site on the Gloucestershire/South Wales boarder, right beside a converted quarry and incorporating a disused railway line. It will have two distinct terror zones which will take fear to a whole new level, providing the ultimate scare experience. Scare-seekers will journey into the unknown by traversing the Track of Terror, a 60 minute interactive experience along the 500m disused railway line, where they will enter a professionally installed horror set that includes a graveyard, horror house and dungeon before leading into The Scream Sewer, a 60m long purpose built sewage system. “We’re thrilled about launching this new and unique scare event in the UK and are working with an extensive team of professional set designers, make-up artists, event specialists and actors to offer a truly memorable experience which aims to scare the ‘victims’ senseless,” says Darren Bryce, Director at the National Diving & Activity Centre (NDAC). The set and scene design for the FearFest event will be provided by the sustainable film clearance and set design company Drѐsd Ltd, who have offices at Pinewood Studios. The company re-purposes reclaimed and disused props from TV, film and events to produce unique and stunning set design. FearFest will give visitors a two and a half hour spine-chilling experience, loaded with activities for the whole night, including the option to experience the death-wire, one of the UK’s longest, tallest and fastest zip-lines, running the 700m length of the spectacular NDAC quarry. Website: www.fear-fest.co.uk
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