Bala Gwynedd Wales
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The UFO incident, sometimes known as the “British Roswell”, took place on 23 January 1974, near Llandrillo among the Berwyn Mountains near the town of Bala, North Wales. The incident took place when a number of unusual lights in the sky were observed, followed by a dramatic shaking of the earth. | It was considered possible that an aircraft had crashed, or a meteorite had impacted. Within an hour, police searched the Berwyn Mountains and were joined by a RAF rescue team from Valley on Anglesey. Nothing was found, and all searches were called off at just after 2 p.m. the following day. | It was later alleged by "the UFO community" that a UFO crashed, that non-human bodies were found and that the British Government covered up the event. There were subsequent claims that the area was cordoned off by the military while wreckage was recovered. Also, there were reports that the villages in the vicinity were visited by "Men in Black". | My picture of a newsagents in Bala in 2008 shows that the incident is still controversial in the district of Bala 34 years on.
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