Llanfair PG Anglesey Wales
This venue offers beginners and experts alike the facilities one would expect from a modern indoor climbing wall. The top roping wall has 22 in situ ropes with featured routes from “easy” to “Fr 6c” with a “tower” for practising rope work systems. The lead wall has over 30 routes ranging from a slabby learn to lead routes to 45° overhangs on three different types of wall surface. There are also 2 in situ “auto belays” covering a total of 6 routes. As well as the route walls the facility has some of the best bouldering of any wall. One bouldering wall is “rock featured” with an archway and bolt on holds with routes from “easy” to “V7”. Our new freestanding boulder has 4 overhanging sides of differing angles with over 30 routes from “V1” to “V11” (Very hard).
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