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Eastgate Street Chester Cheshire England
It was back in 1910 when the three Adlestone brothers, Isaac, Maurice and Harry took to the streets with no more than a suitcase full of silverware, loads of ambition and full of enthusiasm. I don't know if this actually qualified as a business although I’m sure the opening of their first store in Belfast during 1919 certainly did.| At Beaverbrooks, we believe it’s about how we spend our time in life, the memories we create of fun & laughter, of shared successes, of overcoming challenges and of caring for others. It is about learning new skills, challenging ourselves to do more, and making those dreams happen. It’s these things that enrich us.| Today Beaverbrooks are very proud to be a well known name on the high street and in the business world for our integrity, passion and caring approach. With over 800 people and over 65 stores throughout the United Kingdom, not to mention our internet and mail order teams, we are working hard at Making it Special for our customers and our people, by creating wonderful experiences which in turn enrich peoples’ lives.| Direct descendants of our founders are still the custodians of Beaverbrooks, still family owned and always one big family.
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