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Aberyscir Brecon Powys Wales
Brecon Gaer Roman Fort is to found to the west of Brecon in Powys, Mid Wales. Remains of stone defences and gates of a Roman auxiliary fort, initially established about AD75. The earliest fort was built with defensive banks of clay which rested upon a cobbled surface. A wooden palisade would have protected the defenders. The buildings inside, one of which may have been stabling, were also constructed in wood. At this time the troops at Y Gaer included Vettonian cavalry from Spain. The tombstone of a young cavalryman, Candidus, has been found a mile north of the fort and is now in the Brecknock Museum, Brecon. The fort was rebuilt in stone during the second half of 2nd century AD by the men of Legion II Augusta. Brecon Gaer was, like most Roman forts, rectangular in shape with an entrance in the middle of each side. A substantial part of the rampart wall survives on the north side up to a height of about 3 metres. The insertion of heavier, more crudely shaped stone shows where it was repaired in the 4th century. Beyond the wall the fort was protected by a ditch up to 9 metres wide and nearly one metre deep.
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