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Near Madryn Farm Abergwyngregyn Gwynedd Wales
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The Postumus Milestone was set up in 261 AD in the reign of the Emperor Postumus. It is an unshaped pillar with badly cut, highly abbreviated inscription. At a later date, probably in the 5TH Century, this stone was turned upside down and reused as a gravestone for a local saint or chief, DINOCONSUODICUS. The name is of pre-Roman Celtic origin. It stood at Madryn on the Roman Road between Canovium (Caerhun) and Segontium (Caernarfon). The stone is on display in the Gwynedd Museum, Bangor, North Wales.|Streetview is nearest available to the original site.| Translation of later Inscription: DINOCONSUODICUS | Frances Lynch. A Guide to Ancient and Historic Wales.
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