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Bryn Euryn Rhos on Sea Conwy_County Wales
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Amphora in Colwyn Bay library. This is a large clay jar used widely by the Romans to transport wine or olive oil. The jar dates from the first century and was probably made in Italy or France. It may have been used to transport wine to the Roman camps at Canovium (Caerhun) or Segontium (Caernarfon). Other Roman finds have been found in the vicinity of Bryn Euryn and its ancient hillfort, including a coin hoard found in Penrhyn Bay. It may have belonged to the troops of the Roman commander Sempronius who was killed in battle in the nearby valley which still bears his name, Nant Sempyr (now the route of the A55 and formed by the hills of Bryn Euryn and Colwyn Heights). The amphora was found in 1960 when a bungalow was being built on the slopes of Bryn Euryn. It remained as a garden ornament for the next 25 years before eventually being bought by Conwy County Borough Council in 2002.
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