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Afon Ddu River in Dolgarrog
Coed Dolgarrog Nature Reserve Dolgarrog Conwy_County Wales
Afon Ddu (Welsh for black river) is a river in Snowdonia, North Wales. The river flows from Llyn Cowlyd on the south-eastern edge of the Carneddau range to join the river Conwy, passing Pont Dolgarrog on the B5106 road, just south of the village of Dolgarrog. The gorge cut by the river at this point is popular for gorge walking. Afon Ddu marks the southern edge of the Coed Dolgarrog National Nature Reserve which is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest for broadleaved woodland. The gorge is home to a number of rare species such as Wilson’s filmy fern, globeflower, water avens and beech fern.
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