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The River Rheidol (Welsh: Afon Rheidol) is a river in the county of Ceredigion, West Wales. It rises in the waters of the Nant y Moch Reservoir on the western flanks of Plynlimon and then flows south through the village of Ponterwyd. The river continues south-westwards, largely through Welsh Oak ancient woodlands in an increasingly deep valley, before joining with the Afon Mynach and veering westwards. At its confluence with the Mynach, it descends one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Wales at Pontarfynach (Devil's Bridge). <br><br> The remainder of the meandering course of the river is through an ever-widening valley before discharging into Cardigan Bay at Aberystwyth where it shares the harbour with the River Ystwyth.<br><br> There are several picturesque walks and a cycle trail in the Rheidol Valley. <br><br> The Rheidol Valley Cycle Route stars at the harbour in Aberystwyth and the 17 mile (27 km) trail leads you through the Rheidol Valley to Devil's Bridge, mainly along quiet back roads and dedicated cycle routes. <br><br> Although on level ground for much of its distance, there is a very steep climb up from the valley floor to Devil's Bridge. <br><br> There are a number of tourist attractions in the Rheidol valley. These include the Devil's Bridge waterfalls where three bridges, each built over the previous, span the top of a most spectacular waterfall. <br><br> Between Devil's Bridge and Aberystwyth runs the Vale of Rheidol Railway - a narrow-gauge steam railway that was originally built to ship metal ore from the mines but now provides a very popular tourist route into the top end of the Rheidol valley. <br><br>
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