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Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire Wales
The Western Cleddau River flows in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. The Western Cleddau has two branches: the eastern branch rises at Llygad Cleddau in the parish of Llanfair Nant y Gôf. It flows southwest past Scleddau, and meets the western branch at Priskilly. The western branch rises at Penysgwarne in the parish of Llanreithan and flows east to Priskilly Forest. The combined stream flows through Wolf’s Castle, where it enters the 90m deep Treffgarne gorge. It then flows south to Haverfordwest, where it becomes tidal, this being the lowest bridge crossing. <br><br> The tidal estuary unites with the Eastern Cleddau estuary at Picton Point, to form the Daugleddau estuary. Length (Penysgwarne to Picton Point) about 40 km, of which about 9 km is tidal. <br><br> Historically, the tidal estuary enabled sea traffic to reach Haverfordwest.<br><br> The rolling hills and valleys overlooked by the Preseli Range are some of the most beautiful in Wales. Both Cleddau (the Eastern and Western Cleddau) are popular with canoeists and superb touring rivers. The wildlife is outstanding and the estuaries breathtaking.<br><br> There are many walks along the valley of the Western Cleddau including walks in the Treffgarne Gorge, and walks along the riverbanks from Haverfordwest to the Daugleddau Estuary.
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