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Monmouth Monmouthshire Wales
The River Monnow (Welsh: Afon Mynwy) rises near Craswall on Cefn Hill just below the Black Mountains, Wales. It flows southwards, gaining the waters of its tributaries the Escley Brook and Olchon Brook near Clodock and the waters of Afon Honddu, from the Welsh side of the Black Mountains, near Pandy. The river then flows briefly eastwards before again turning southwards. At Monmouth the river joins into the River Wye with the River Trothy. Its total length is around 26 miles (42km ) and for much of its length it marks the border between England and Wales before it joins the River Wye at Monmouth. <br><br> The Monnow is bridged at Monmouth by the medieval Monnow Bridge. <br><br> The Monnow catchment ranks as one of the best wild trout fisheries in England and Wales and it is also noted for the grayling fishing. A recently opened fish pass at Monmouth allowing migratory fish to by-pass a previously impassable weir has given salmon and sea trout access to the majority of the catchment.
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