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The River Towy is the longest river which entirely runs through Wales. The total length of the River Tywi is 68 miles. It rises on lower slopes of Crug Gynan in the Cambrian Mountains and flows through the Towy Forest and then south-westwards through Carmarthenshire passing through the towns of Llandovery, Llandeilo. In Carmarthen it is joined by the tributary, the Afon Gwili at Abergwili. Finally the Towy flows into Carmarthen Bay in a combined estuary with the River Taf and River Gwendraeth. The Towy is noted for trout and salmon fishing. There are good runs of salmon later in the year, although the prime quarry on the Towy is the sea trout. The Towy is one of Europe's finest sea trout fisheries and very large fish are regularly caught in the early part of the season.<br><br> The Towy river is tidal at Carmarthen and the river is navigable although the waters can be treacherous.<br><br> The Towy has been fished at Carmarthen by men in coracles. <br><br> A coracle is a small, lightweight boat of the sort traditionally used in Wales. Oval in shape the structure is made of a framework of split and interwoven willow rods, tied with willow bark. The outer layer was originally an animal skin such as horse or bullock hide, with a thin layer of tar to make it fully water proof. <br><br> Visitors may see fishing on some afternoons during the season although most fishing is at night. Today 12 licences are available to fish the river.
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