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Llyn Peninsula Pwllheli Gwynedd Wales
Afon Rhyd-hir is a river on the Llyn Peninsula, Gwynedd, North West Wales. Afon Rhyd-hir rises to the north of Llithfaen on the south-western slopes of Yr Eifl. From here it flows on to Llannor and then close to Efailnewydd and continuing in a southerly direction towards Pwllheli. It converges with the Afon Penrhos to the west of Pwllheli, before it widens out into an area known as Pwll Du or the ‘Backwater’, an area of intertidal mud and reed beds which is contained behind Embankment Road. At low tide the Afon Rhyd-hir flows through the ‘Backwater’ area, under Embankment Road and the head of pressure from the river then pushes the tidal sluice gates open. The river then flows out into the inner Pwllheli Harbour and onto Cardigan Bay. The picture shows the waters of the Afon Rhyd-hir at Pwll Du.
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