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72-74 WHITCHURCH ROAD Cardiff City_of_Cardiff Wales
Meze sums up the Greek way of life - relaxed! The Aegean Taverna Greek Restaurant in Cardiff offers Meze as a speciality. Meze is probably the most well known feature of Greek cuisine. It is a tidbit of food, a small serving of something delicious to accompany a glass of ouzo or a cool glass of retsina. With the sound of music in the background, you can imagine yourselves in a taverna in Santorini, with the view of the sun setting on the horizon. If you are one of those people who find it difficult to order, the meze is the answer to your dreams. You can create your own meze table by choosing your favourite selection from the meze menu and then sit back and enjoy the myriad of dishes that flow from the kitchen until you could not possible take anymore...... The Aegean Taverna Greek Restaurant in Cardiff. OPENING TIMES: Monday - Saturday: 6.30 - 11.00 FULLY AIR-CONDITIONED, NON-SMOKING Sundays Closed
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