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Church Street Barmouth Gwynedd Wales
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‘You can’t fail to be impressed by this authentic 15th century pub, complete with ship’s timber beams, fresh spring water pond in the pub itself, fabulous food, drink, entertainment and atmosphere.’ The Last Inn in Barmouth sits on the harbour’s edge in the seaside resort of Barmouth, West Wales. It’s a great little pub that me and my wife Eira Wyn stumbled upon when looking for a restaurant one sunny evening in the town. The fact that it was a pub and restaurant made it more appealing to me, and Eira Wyn liked the flower display. The beer was good, food was good (but too many chips), and it had a pleasant atmosphere. The staff were all very polite and very helpful and the service was excellent. I asked if there was any locally caught fish but the barman / manager explained that, although they had fresh fish from the fishmonger, the locally caught fish (from the harbour) was limited to the mackerel season and this was quiet when we were there. He did tell me about a local angler who caught sixty bass while fishing from a sea kayak. I said it sounded a bit like an angler’s tall tale, as you could not get sixty sea bass in a kayak. (I reckon the story started out as sixteen bass). We visited in early June and I would definitely recommend booking in advance as we saw several customers who arrived some minutes after ourselves being turned away as all the tables were reserved. Although we couldn’t stay late I got the impression that it was not just a restaurant but a popular pub with several music nights per week. (When we visited in 2010 the average price was £14.00 per meal.)
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