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Chester Rd Rossett Wrexham_County Wales
The Golden Lion is situated in the heart of the picturesque Welsh village of Rossett. As renowned for its ghost stories as it is for food the Golden Lion has its own spectral guest, Old Jeffrey. Legend has it that Jeffrey, a Ploughman, was hanged in Ruthin for the murder of a local farmer. His body was transferred and displayed in a gibbet at Rossett as a deterrent to other would be criminals. A wooden pallet that was used to transport poor Jeffrey's body was used in the construction of the pub. Jeffrey now lives quite contentedly in bedroom 2 upstairs and though still inclined to mischief, is perfectly harmless. Indeed, he has been known to have a sneaky drink on occasion, moving bottles from behind the bar and leaving glasses and chairs unturned. Inside the pub, the eclectic mix of old and new bring together a comforting homely appeal that is matched by the adventurous menu. The wine list boasts a generous selection of well known varietals with some little known treasures to tell your friends about.
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