Llandovery Carmarthenshire Wales
I would like to welcome you personally to our unique school. When you visit Gollop Prep, you will, I am sure, be struck by what a happy and lively place this is. Gollop children are the very best advert for our preparatory school. They emerge as confident, polite and interesting young people with a strong sense of self-worth and respect for others, ready to stride out on the next stage of their educational journey. Children from 4 to 11 are cared for warmly in small classes by a team of highly motivated and qualified teachers, whose aim is to bring out the very best in your child.| While academic excellence is at the heart of our aims, we are very focused on providing a broader curriculum that aims to bring out the best in all, catering for a wide range of abilities and specific needs. Each child is nurtured educationally, emotionally and spiritually to ensure that they forge a path to success in all areas of their lives.
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