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. Llanberis Gwynedd Wales
If you re looking for a truly electrifying day out, why not visit the Electric Mountain Visitors Centre on the edge of the beautiful Snowdonia National Park. You ll discover the amazing powers of pumped storage hydro-electricity in a totally entertaining and educational environment. Admission to the centre is free and there is heaps to interest visitors of all age groups. The split-level complex contains a range of interactive displays, models and exhibitions. The history and development of hydro-electricity is colourfully explained, as well as how power is fed into the National Grid system and transmitted throughout England and Wales. From Electric Mountain, visitors can take a fully guided tour around Dinorwig Power Station. This starts with a sound and vision spectacular at Electric Mountain, illustrating the role that pumped storage plays in ensuring the country's electricity demands are always met. An Electric Mountain Expedition bus will then transport visitors to the power station itself. Descending deep inside the ancient Elidir mountain's labyrinth of dark and imposing tunnels, you ll experience one of man s greatest engineering achievements. The Electric Mountain's friendly and knowledgeable tour guides take groups around the main features of the complex, from the massive main inlet valve chamber (housing the six mighty units), to close up views of the world s fastest response turbine-generators. These units have a dynamic response capacity, from zero output to full power within seconds, and are housed in Europe s largest man-made cave. The tour also includes an audio-visual show, which reflects the construction of the plant and its opening by HRH The Prince of Wales. The tour concludes at the underground viewing gallery and display area. Visitors then start their bus journey back to the Electric Mountain building, still accompanied by the guides.
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