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Promenade Penarth Vale_of_Glamorgan Wales
Penarth Pier extends into the Bristol Channel from the promenade at Penarth. It was restored in 1998 and formally re-opened. The impressive Victorian Pier is a staging point for the Paddle Steamer Waverley and Motor Vessel Balmoral, that have visited Penarth Pier for the last 20 years. The pier was built in 1894 and was later sold to the Vale of Glamorgan Council when it was given a new landing stage and spectacular pavilion, built in the latest material of ferro-concrete, at the shoreward end. The venue became increasingly popular, with regular events including tea dances following the 1929 grand opening. Two years later a serious fire spread almost the entire length of the pier causing serious damage; the pier was rebuilt (at a cost of £3,157) but the wooden sea-end pavilion was never replaced. In 1947 the Canadian ship ‘Port Royal Park’ was driven into the pier during a gale. The 7,000 ton vessel caused extensive structural damage and repairs to the pier took two years to complete at a cost of the then considerable sum of £28,000. The pier was restored again in 1998 and formally re-opened. Despite a history of setbacks the Pavilion Building and its Pier remain an important landmark admired by visitors and loved by residents.
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