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Beechwood House, a Grade II listed building, was built in 1877-78 by Habershon, Pite and Fawkner, architects of Cardiff and Newport. The House was built as the private residence of George Fothergill, a tobacco manufacturer and former Mayor of Newport, and is set on the hillside, within Beechwood Park, with views over the park, the city and the Bristol Channel. The park, which covers 30 acres, originally formed the private grounds to the House. In 1900, Newport Borough Council bought Beechwood House and the grounds were opened up as a public park, with refreshments available in the House. During the First World War, the House was also used as a convalescent home. Between 1901 and 1920, many features were added to the park including two new entrances, lime avenues, tennis courts, bowling green and a bandstand. In October 2006 work started on the redevelopment of Beechwood House. This is the start of a number of exciting developments for the House, providing new opportunities for the local community.
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