Pentrecagal Newcastle Emlyn Carmarthenshire Wales
Paintball is one of Europe's fastest growing sports and is becoming increasingly more popular in the UK. There are already many people who play paintball on a regular basis like any other sport or hobby. Played by men, women and juniors, paintball ia a fun activity for birthdays, ‘stag or hen' parties or even if you just fancy doing something different for a change on your own or with some friends. Clubs and sports teams can take advantage of paintball to lift ‘team spirit' and develop ‘team tactics'. As a sport involving communication and co-operation amongst players, it comes as no surprise that many companies use corporate paintball days as a means of increasing motivation or developing essential team building and leadership skills to take back to the workplace. Paintball combines teamwork, strategy and skill into a fun, exciting and action packed day. Fully equipped with protective clothing and safety masks, players pit their wits against one another armed with the latest semi-automatic marker guns that fire biodegradable paintballs. In their teams players try to complete a series of exciting missions, whilst trying to avoid being hit with paint from one of the opposing teams players. The team who completes the most tasks during the day and have had the least number of hits are the winners!
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