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Little Orme Penrhyn Bay Conwy_County Wales
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Kayaking must be one of the fastest growing leisure activities around. It certainly appears that way in the waters around the Little Orme, with more and more kayakers to be seen paddling off the North Wales coast each month. Many are simply enjoying the scenery and the ‘hidden’ waters inaccessible to landlubbers, while a growing community of anglers have taken to their kayaks to catch that fish ‘the one that got away’. The wildlife is an obvious attraction with seals, dolphins and an abundance of seabirds to be found below the cliffs of the Little Orme headland. | Many launch their boats from Penrhyn Bay, Rhos-on-Sea harbour or the slipway at Colwyn Bay, and indeed the coastguards have told me of days when as many have 40 boats have taken to the water in this short stretch of the coastline.| The waters of the Irish Sea however can be a danger to the most experienced of seamen and I wouldn't recommend paddling around the Little Orme or indeed Rhos Point without the aid of an experienced kayaker and with all the safety gear necessary.
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