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Llangefni Anglesey Wales
The Dingle Local Nature Reserve lies near the town of Llangefni in Anglesey. The wood is home to bats, dragonflies, moorhens, woodpeckers, kingfishers and foxes, plus many more. During the spring the reserve is carpeted in wood anemones and bluebells. There is easy access for those with disabilities and parents with pushchairs. Parking is available but please note that charges apply. Parts of the woodland are dominated by sessile oak, ash and wild cherry, with a spectacular show of blue bells in spring. Other parts are mostly sycamore and the occasional ash tree with an abundance of ferns and mosses and woodland flowers, such as wood anemones. Coed Plas (behind Saint Cyngar’s Church) was planted with sweet chestnut, beech and Scots pine, and has a carpet of wild daffodils in spring. Frogs and newts live in the wetter areas, and adders and lizards in the drier woodland. There are many butterfly species, such as gatekeeper and the speckled wood, as well as moths. There are also dragonflies and damselflies, hoverflies, bees and wasps, beetles, slugs and snails, spiders, woodlice, and many other small creatures.
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