Crymych Pembrokeshire Wales
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The Preseli Bluestones are believed by many to have been the main source for the bluestones used at Stonehenge in Witshire England. One famous outcrop is Carnmenyn (Welsh meaning Butter Stone, sometimes called carn meini. But why would ancient people go to the colossal effort and expense of moving four-tonne megaliths 250km (150 miles) across land and water? Well there are many theories, you pays your money and you takes your choice! The bluestones are dark blue when freshly cut and speckled with white quartz and some believe that they have healing powers, or some believe that neolithic man believed they had healing powers. Visit the Preseli Hills, Mynydd Preseli, in Pembrokeshire and see for yourself. Pembrokeshire is great walking country and there are many burial chambers ... carns, cairns, cromlechs etc within the county. Close to the village of Crymych you will also find Carn Sian, Carn Arthur,Carn Breseb, Carn Goedog and Carn Gyfrwy. Click on the link above to find the location of Carn Menyn.
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