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Old Custom House, The Docks Milford Haven Pembrokeshire Wales
The Museum is housed in one of the oldest buildings in Milford Haven. Designed by Swansea architect, Jernigan, it was built in 1797 for the storage of whale oil awaiting shipment for sale in London. Milford Haven has been connected with a number of industries - fishing, Quaker whaling from 1790s, which lead to the whale oil industry and more recently the modern oil industry. It has also played an important role during the two World Wars, when it was a convoy assembly point for mine-sweeping. The Museum collection reflects all of these aspects of the town's history, but focuses particularly on the maritime history. The collection also contains information relating to the railway industry in the area, such as prospectuses from the 1850s, share certificates, and records of the State and Railway Company, which built the railway between Milford Haven and Johnston, this contains information relating to rents of properties, etc. Wartime information in the collection includes personal diaries from the First World War, and 'intelligence' diaries kept by docks companies, relating to maritime activities; diaries from the Second World War, kept by trawlermen; miscellaneous wartime material such as details of the boom installed across the docks to prevent submarines from entering; and wartime broadcasts from c.1942, transferred to vinyl records, and covering subjects such as nutrition. Other items include prints and paintings; artefacts based on the fishing and maritime industry and other local industries, including shipwrights, foundries, net makers ....
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