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The museum is fully open to the public with free admission and is full of new technology to make Wales' history come alive. The project leader Dr Richard Bevins says "From the very beginning we wanted to build a museum for people who don't do museums." "We wanted to look at the impact industrialisation had on the people of Wales. We are trying to break the mould and tell stories right up to the present day." Throughout the Industrial Revolution Wales and her people influenced the rest of the world. How we live today is a result of the choices we made then. At the National Waterfront Museum you can be plunged into poverty, wallow in wealth, dabble with danger or even risk your health! Experience noise, grime, high finance, upheaval, consumerism and opportunity. Be exploited! Watch as families cope under pressure. It's no �soap�. It's what really happened. Wales was one of the earliest and most heavily industrialised nations on earth. We reaped the benefits, but we suffered the consequences. A visit to the National Waterfront Museum will be unlike any visit you've ever made to any museum. Ever.
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