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Wharf Station Tywyn Gwynedd Wales
When the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society was formed in 1950, the first priority had to be the rescue of the virtually derelict railway. It was not long, though, before many members of the society were becoming concerned about the rapid disappearance of other narrow-gauge railways around. the British Isles and the suggestion was made that Tywyn should become the home of a museum of items from these lines. | The first step towards the formation of the collection was taken in 1952 when the Guinness Company agreed to donate, and transport to Tywyn, one of the most unusual over-type steam engines made redundant by the impending dieselisation of the extensive tramway complex at its brewery in Dublin. | The example chosen was No. 13, built by W. Spence of Dublin, in 1895. This generous gesture really transformed the idea from an optimistic dream into reality and in true Talyllyn tradition a committee was set up to consider the project. In fact the Guinness locomotive did not arrive until 1956 and the museum's first exhibit was a length of Talyllyn track (c.1865) which was laid alongside the hedge bounding Wharf Station with some rails collapsing on the main line, however, this became too valuable to be spared and soon disappeared into the running track.| The museum is run by volunteers and all help is greatly appreciated, whether practical, financial or by donating items to the collection. The museum may make grants to other bodies to further its aims of educating the public about narrow gauge railways by preserving interesting items and displaying them in the museum in Tywyn or elsewhere.
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