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The Dylan Thomas exhibition attempts to view the poet s life and works in a historical context. As you enter the main exhibition room you will face a large free-standing mural of famous images of Dylan Thomas, his wife Caitlin, friends and acquaintances. In front of the mural, on a plinth, is the last bust cast from Dylan's death mask by American artist and close friend of Dylan and Caitlin, David Slivka. David presented the bust to the City on 27 October 2001. If you turn left, you will experience reminiscences and readings of Dylan's life and works on a giant video wall, while to the right, you will see a timeline of Dylan's life, starting with the tragedy of his death (there is no sound recording to match the newsreel footage of Dylan's funeral) and ending with his birth on October 27 1914. Opposite the main entrance is a wall with audio-visual displays which can be heard clearly by standing or sitting under the sound cones At one end of the wall are the original doors to the writing shed at Laugharne where Dylan worked for months to produce Under Milk Wood. The photograph viewed through the window shows you the wonderful estuary Dylan would have gazed upon. Several large murals depict the known influences of Dylan including Struwwelpeter, DJ (Dylan's father) and Gwilym Marlais Thomas, Dylan's great-uncle. The murals also show Caitlin, Dylan s wife and their friends. You will also find in this area part of the main collection, sound points with readings of Dylan's works and a database where amongst other things you can call up and view the Centre's collection. In the research room are many items that relate to Dylan, including letters, scripts, a typewriter, a model of Llareggub and of course, Dylan's publications. It is worth while examining these, as you will soon come to understand why Dylan Thomas is the second most quoted writer after William Shakespeare, and why such poems as Do not Go Gentle have a resonance all of their own. We hope you enjoy the exhibition, which was funded jointly by the City and County of Swansea and the European Union Regional Development Fund.
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