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The Egypt Centre consists of part of a collection by the pharmacist Sir Henry Wellcome from the turn of the century, it has been in the keeping of University of Wales, Swansea since the early 1970s. After receiving grants from the European Regional Development Fund and the Heritage Lottery Fund a building was constructed to house the collection, making it available for public admission. There are over 3500 items in the collection. Most of them were collected by the pharmacist Sir Henry Wellcome. They have items dating from 1000,000 BC to 500 AD. We have items dating from 1000,000 BC to 500 AD. Among them are: A 21st Dynasty Coffin, 4 New Kingdom beaded collars, Pottery coffin lids, Pottery, A number of items depicting the god Bes, Fish shaped cosmetic palettes, A Third Intermediate Period coffin lid, An offering table belonging to Paneb, A first century AD stela from Edfu..........
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