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The Market Hall, Market Street Craven Arms Shropshire England
Stella and husband Dave opened their first Museum under the name Rejectamenta on July 21st 1991 in a redundant twelfth century C of E church in East Wittering, West Sussex. Four years later they moved their growing collection to a nearby tourist attraction at Earnley Gardens where they had more room. Rejectamenta was housed there until the end of November 2002. Stella originally from Birmingham, and Dave from Cheltenham had always dreamt of returning to the West Midlands and again running their own show. When they discovered the Old Market Hall in Craven Arms for sale they moved heaven and earth and several hundreds of thousands of items - Their Masterpiece was nearing completion. Rejectamenta had gained an army of fans during its eleven years on the south coast, many of whom have visited ‘Land of Lost Content’ which opened on April 18th 2003. Lots of new recruits have swelled that army since. Museum: The Museum as it is today has been achieved by dogged hard work and enthusiasm by Stella and her husband Dave. It has taken over thirty five years of collecting and collating to end up with a shrine to the way we used to live. A time when nearly everything we bought and used said British Made or produced. The only way to keep an independent museum open is to keep overheads to an absolute minimum. Stella and Dave manage this by doing everything, themselves. Up until this year 2008 they have opened between February 1st - November 30th. Seven days a week. They are now giving themselves one day a week off by closing on Wednesdays. They know they may upset a lot of their regular visitors who will presume that they still, as they have been for the past sixteen years open every day. To those who do turn up the Mitchell’s hope they will accept their sincerest apologies. Setting up and running Land of Lost Content (formerly Rejectamenta) has been hard work with little remuneration, but the glowing praise and heart felt comments visitors say and write in the visitors book, is reward enough. When visitors return time and time again it says so much about a place.
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