Custom House, Gloucester Docks Gloucester Gloucestershire England
We encourage you to visit the Museum. There is no substitute for seeing the items in our magnificent collections first hand. There is something for everyone here from researchers to young children, from detailed archives and research facilities to children’s quizzes that help to explore and explain the displays. Our visitors can experience what it was like for soldiers and their families throughout the last three hundred years. The Gloucestershire Regiment (The Glosters) has been present at many of the turning points in British History, battles in the American Revolutionary War, defeating Napoleon, the defence of Dunkirk and fighting the spread of communism in Korea. The Museum displays the remarkable story of the Soldiers of Gloucestershire who have served their regiments since 1694. It depicts their courage, humour, their traditions and their sacrifices in exciting and colourful exhibitions for all ages to enjoy. You can view the interactive displays, contemporary film records, the magnificent medal collection, highly decorative uniforms, weapons and souvenirs from all corners of the globe. These have been donated and collected over the years by past soldiers and their families and are a tribute to their service to their country, their county and to you, the generations that follow. Collections: Art and Pictures - Audio and Video - Badges - Books - Cards - Christmas Cards - Clothing (Headgear, Sportswear, Uniform) - Currency - Dioramas - Documents - Equipment - Flags - Letters - Maps - Medals - Miscellaneous - Musical Instruments - Newspapers, Magazines and Cuttings - Objects of Foreign Origin - Photographs - Silver - Tableware - Weapons and Ammunition - Weapons (Ammunition, Edged, Firearms.
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