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Cardiff is known as the "city of arcades", due to its Victorian, and Edwardian shopping arcades. Its a great place to visit whether you like shopping or not. Shopping is definitely not high on my list of favourite things to do but I happily tagged along with Eira Wyn as she window shopped around the Cardiff arcades. Its not shopping like we know it ... well not as I know it. It is actually quite interesting ..more of a heritage trail. There are several Victorian and Edwardian arcades to explore including the Central Market, Royal Arcade, Dominions Arcade, Duke Street Arcade, High Street Arcade, Wyndham Arcade, Morgan Arcade, Royal Arcade, and the Castle Arcade. Castle Arcade was built around 1887. <br><br>Inside you'll see a beautiful gallery with a wooden overhang and foot bridges, and several small shops. As its name suggests the Castle Arcade runs from opposite Cardiff Castle to High Street. You'll find an array of edible goodies at Madame Fromage, including speciality cheeses, breads and pastas. However you will need to cover quite a few miles of arcade walking to compensate for your expanding waistline!
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