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Rhos-on-Sea Conwy_County Wales
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The jetty at Rhos on Sea is popular with children of all ages. Little children who crowd the narrow space, jostling for the best spot to catch the biggest crabs (the best spot always seems to be the last spot where the other child caught a crab!). Big children, otherwise known as anglers, favour the jetty as an embarkation point for fishing trips out into the Irish Sea. Several boats sail from Rhos Harbour Jetty and tickets are available from the angling shop at Rhos Point. The harbour and the jetty seem to have grown in popularity since the construction of the rock breakwater that was constructed to protect the village from tidal flooding. But the old jetties days may be numbered, as there is a petition afoot to build a new floating jetty. Let us hope they still allow the children to go crabbing, but then I suppose "health and safety" will step in and that will be the end of it!
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