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Aberaeron Ceredigion Wales
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Aberaeron is renowned for the rows of colourful Georgian terraced houses which are unusual for this part of rural west Wales. While driving along the busy A487 coast road one cannot help but notice the colourful Georgian terraced houses of Aberaeron, such a pleasant change from some of the drab grey roofed and pebble dashed houses to be found in some parts of Wales.A short walk around the town itself reveals row after row of well proportioned Georgian terraced houses, with, or so it seems, a Pub for every street. | I should be so lucky to own a paint shop in Aberaeron as the pubs compete with the houses to be the brightest and most colourful of buildings. | The harbour district is no exception and the fine Georgian houses that line the banks of the harbour, once the domains of colourful ship's captains and harbour masters, again compete to be the 'most colourful house in town'.
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