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Lord Street Wrexham Wrexham_County Wales
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The Arc Sculpture is located at the junction of Lord Street and Egerton Street in Wrexham North East Wales. It is a fine piece of Public Art and the public must agree because it is undamaged! The sculptor was David Annand and the bronze and stainless steel sculpture was unveiled in 1996. Two figures on brick plinths, feet astride two steel arcs with the figures at full stretch, each trying to bend the Arc to meet at the top. Figures depicted are a miner and a steel worker and the Arc represents the area’s industrial heritage. The attempt to bend the Arc to meet at the top symbolises the co-operation between the industries to achieve common goals. A poem in Welsh by Myrddin Ap Dafydd from Llanrwst depicting in verse the toil and collectiveness of manual work, is engraved on The Arc.
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