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Llyn Anafon in Abergwyngregyn
. Abergwyngregyn Gwynedd Wales
Llyn Anafon is a lake in the north of the Carneddau range of mountains in North Wales. Located between Llwytmor (849m), Foel ganol(533m), Foel Fras (942m), and Drum (770m). A dam was built across the lake in 1930 to enable water to be supplied to the nearby coastal villages. There are brown trout in the lake and by long held custom people who lived in the village had the right to fish both the lake and the river. Close to the lake are several cairns and on the hillsides below the lake there are pre-historic hut circles and other signs of early inhabitation. There is an arrow stone on the lower slopes of Foel Ganol and a gold cross, five inches in height, was found on the summit of Carnedd y Ddelw between Drum and Drosgl, in 1812.
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