Greenfield Valley Heritage Park Holywell Flintshire Wales
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The Meadow Copper Mill lies in the Greenfield Valley Heritage Park, Holywell, North Wales. To be truthfull it is the site of the Meadow Mill. The original Meadow Mill factory was built in 1787 and later produced rolled copper sheets for the Greenfield Copper and Brass Company, owned by Thomas Williams the so called ‘Copper King’ of North Wales. Williams also owned Parys Mountain Copper Mine in Amlwch Anglesey. | The factory produced copper sheet nails and bolts that were used to protect British Navy ships from parasites in foreign waters. Three enormous water wheels, 20 feet in diameter, provided the power for the copper rolling machinery. The buildings you see today date from the 1800s when there was a rubber grinding works and tin plate works on site.
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