St Brynach's Church Nevern Pembrokeshire Wales
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The Nevern Cross sits in the churchyard of St Brynach's Church in the village of Nevern on the west coast of Pembrokeshire, South West Wales. The carved stone cross stands some 13 foot high and although estimated to have been carved in the 10th Century it's intricately carved knotwork design is still impressive to this day. It consists of two sections fitted together with a mortice and tenon joint, both cut from the local dolerite stone. It has classic braided decorations and inscriptions reading "dns" on one side and "h.an.eh" on the other. As with many historical monuments, the cross carries an old tale which has been passed down from generation to generation. As the tale goes, it is believed that the inhabitants of Nevern would, on the 7th April of every year, (St Brynach's feast day) gather together at the cross, awaiting the first cuckoo returning to Nevern which would land on the cross and begin singing to announce the arrival of spring.
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