Moelfre Anglesey Wales
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Lligwy Burial Chamber is to be found in a field close to the coastal town of Moelfre on Anglesey, North Wales. There are many ancient sites on the Isle of Anglesey including several prehistoric burial chambers but I would definitely recommend anyone visiting the east coast of Anglesey to find time to search out Lligwy. The most striking feature of the neolithic burial chamber is the massive capstone, estimated to weigh some 25 tonnes.The chamber was excavated in 1909, when two layers of deposits were recorded, separated by a layer of paving. The deposits contained unburnt bone, human and animal, pot sherds and some flints and the upper deposit was covered by a layer of limpet shells. Between fifteen and thirty individuals were represented in the tomb chamber. Some of the pottery appears to be Bronze Age and at least one of the layers may represent the re-use of the tomb.
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