Dyffryn St Lythans Vale_of_Glamorgan Wales
Known as Gwal-y-Filiast in Welsh this is a single stone chamber, now denuded of its cairn, belonging to the so-called Cotswold-Severn group of Neolithic chambered tombs. There was once a mound of earth or stones covering this Neolithic burial chamber. Now there are three upright stones supporting a 14-foot long by 10-foot wide by 2.5 foot thick capstone, that's a big capstone!Traditionally, the field in which the stones stand was said to be cursed, and consequently unprofitable, and the stones themselves were believed to grant any wish whispered to them on Halloween. The capstone is said to whirl around three times on Midsummer Eve, and the same night all the stones go to bathe in the river. And if you believe that...
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