Trefignath Burial Chamber in Holyhead
Holy Island Holyhead Anglesey Wales
The Trefignath Burial Chamber is located on Holy Island, Anglesey between Holyhead and Trearddur. This impressive monument has recently been excavated and provides some of the best evidence for multi period construction in Britain. It is a Neolithic chambered tomb constructed in three separate phases, estimated to be from the 4th to early 3rd millenium BC. The first phase was at the western end of the tomb, that would have been covered with a circular cairn. The next chamber was a rectangular chamber with two stones marking the entrance. The eastern chamber was the final phase with it's dramatic entrance stones. The long cairn was extended to cover the new chamber. This last addition was dated by late Neolithic pottery of southern English type left as offerings at the entrance. There was some interest in the tomb in the Iron Age when a pit was dug at the east end. In the 19th Century most of the cairn stones were removed for wall building and the tomb contents were stolen.
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