. Dyffryn Ardudwy Gwynedd Wales
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The Dyffryn Ardudwy Burial Chamber is estimated to be between 5,000 and 6,000 years old. The site of the Dyffryn Burial Chamber was excavated in 1960 and was one of the first sites where multi period building was recognised, and has become central to the understanding of the portal dolmen group in this country and in Ireland. Portal dolmens form the most common type of tomb in this region. They stood at the centre of the farmed land,a focus for the community like a parish church, and many of them are striking and daring examples of architecture and engineering. The western chamber here is a beautiful monument and one of the most classic in design. The current belief that they are amongst the earliest tombs built in these islands is largely the result of the excavations here at Dyffryn.The visible monument comprises an earlier, small portal-dolmen on the west side, blocked with twin portal stones and a closing slab and set within a small oval cairn. Although the tomb had been rifled, a pit containing fragments of five Neolithic pottery vessels was found sealed by the cairn in front of the tomb. This tomb has a small prehistoric cup-mark carved on one of its portal stones. |The second, larger megalithic tomb was built to the east and was set within a large, rectangular cairn which incorporated the earlier tomb. This later tomb produced both Neolithic and Bronze Age pottery. Other finds included a fine, broken, stone pendant.
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