Penmaenmawr Conwy_County Wales
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The Druid’s Circle (Welsh: Meini Hirion ) is the most famous of a number of monuments to be found on the hillside above the town of Penmaenmawr, Conwy County, North Wales. It was erected at the crossroads of ancient tracks used in the Bronze Age. Some say the circle dates back to 3000 BC and others date it from the Bronze Age.| The Druid’s Circle consists of a ring of large stones set on the inner edge of a low bank approximately 25 yards in diameter. It is a classic example of an embanked stone circle. | Excavations in 1957 revealed a group of cremation burials. In the centre was a cyst covered with a capstone which contained a child’s cremated remains in a large urn. Nearby in a shallow pit another urn contained the cremated bones of another child. This has led to speculation of child sacrifices. One of the stones has a natural curved ledge and is known as the Stone of Sacrifice.| There are a number of ways to reach the stones and all involve a steep climb or a very long walk. However it is well worth the effort…the climb may be breathtaking but so too are the views from the top of the hillside.
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